Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Webmail ?

In order to access your email account you must add a CNAME record in the DNS Settings of your registrar that points to our servers.
Ehlo will periodically check for this record and once active we will issue an SSL certificate for it and you will be able to access your webmail at

Can I use the current plan with multiple domains ?

Yes, the plan you signed up for will limit you on the number of mailboxes you can create but does not affect the way you distribute the mailboxes.
Eg. with a 3 users plan you can create

What are email aliases ?

Email aliases are not real mailboxes, they do not have their own storage, instead a message sent to an alias address will be redirected to a real mailbox.
A typical example of email aliases is to create and that deliver to

Why am I not able to send messages from the Webmail ?

Prior to being able to send messages using our servers, DKIM, SPF and DMARC must be configured with your domain registrar.

Do you provide DNS hosting ?

We do not provide DNS hosting, there are many services out there that do, including free ones.

What is DKIM used for and why do I need to configure it ?

DKIM is an email security standard that applies signature to messages sent from your domain.
Having a valid DKIM signature on your sent messages raises the chances that it will not land into the spam folder.

What is SPF used for ?

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a form of email authentication which is used to prevent spammers from sending messages on behalf of your domain.
By including in your SPF record you also designate our IP addresses as valid sender for your domain.

Is POP3/IMAP enabled ?

Our focus is mainly on Web and Mobile app, If you are looking for IMAP or POP3 enabled account than you'll be missing most of our Webmail features.

POP3 is disabled by default and can be enabled individually for each of your domains from the Management Panel.
You can find the connection settings as well as configurtions for Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird within your Management Panel.

IMAP is currently under development and enabled for limited number of accounts.

Can I get SMTP credentials to send messages using other applications ?

We do not allow sending messages through our servers by other means except our Webmail and future mobile apps.
We took this measure to prevent any automated or unsolicited messages being sent from our servers.

Is there an app for iOS ?

There will be. We are currently working on it.

Is there an app for Android ?

There will be. We are currently working on it.

Can I import messages from my other email account ?

We are currently working on it.

What is Catch-All account and how can I create one ?

A Catch-All account is a mailbox designed to receive any messages sent to non-existing mailboxes.
A Catch-All in general is a good idea for 2 reasons:

  • You can receive messages even when there is a misspell in your email address
  • Having a catch-all will provide no feedback to spammers on the existance of a mailbox.

  • Why am I able to add the same domain multiple times, huh ?

    Same domain can exist between multiple accounts or even within the same account however only one domain is active at a time.
    Each domain has its own set of users, the non-active ones will not be able to send or receive messages.
    In terms of security, if somebody gets access to change your dns settings will not be able to access your past emails